18 Valuable Guitar Tips

guitar tipsThese are precious tips in order to choose the right guitar for you. If you are a beginner who wants to start playing the guitar, before you buy your instrument and learn how to play guitar you should know some basic tips for taking care of your guitar.

– Choose your guitar based on the type of music you want to play and trust construction companies with proven expertise in the genre as well as acclaimed music stores that will offer valuable after sale services.

– If you are a beginner guitarist about 13 to 14 years old, it would be good to start with a classical guitar that has a wider hose and plastic strings, which do not tire the fingers while being at the learning phase.

– At home always put your guitar in a guitar base and always outside the guitar case. The wood, which is the main construction material, should breathe. The support that a guitar base offers protects the guitar against impacts and fall.
A guitar case, proportional to its size, is required for your travel. There are bags with shoulder straps that have free hands and foam lining for greater protection.

– Ensure changing the string of your guitar every six months. Do not wait for them to break in order replace them. Sweating hands together with dust, sitting over the strings gradually alter them, so the sound comes languid and dull,

– Choose always strings depending on the guitar you have. Never put acoustic guitar strings on a classic guitar or vice versa. The constructive structure of each guitar type, as to the portion of the keys and of the hose, is designed to receive particular type string.

– Experiment with a variety of chords in the market for any type of guitar, which differ in construction material and diameter. Each type of chord gives a different sound. Investigate about what strings you need for your guitart and try different sets until you come to one that best fits your body and the sound you want to have.

– If you decide to change the guitar strings diameter you should consult a technician in order to do the appropriate settings to get a proper hearing without squeaks, harmonic sound and comfortable playing.

– Always clean the strings of your guitar after every play with special cleaners that remove the sweat residue and dust collected on the surface of the strings. This way you can keep a lot more clarity of the sound.

– Get also a piece of leather in order to clean and polish your guitar by fingerprints. It is the only material that does not damage the guitar. Also, lemon oil is ideal for cleaning the fret-board.

– Before each play check the tuning of your guitar with electronic devices that exist for this purpose, the guitar tuners should necessarily be purchased. Their use is simple, the cost is low. It is very important to always play at a properly tuned instrument.

– If you put a belt on your guitar, we propose the support be made with buttons that have an additional area security system. So any movement you do while playing the guitar is not likely to leave you.

– Do not leave your guitar in the car at warm months.The glue that is a construction element melts at high temperatures and unstuck some sections with frequent bridge.

– Always check the humidity of the room where you have your guitar with humidity gauges. The ideal relative humidity level is between 45-55%.Lack of humidity makes the wood to shrink, while too much causes it to swell. These situations create multiple problems in the hose, the glaze and the body of the guitar.

– If you will not use your guitar for some time, loosen the strings to safeguard your hose from the pressure they put over it and tend to curl it.

– If you hit the guitar or some part of the falls off, you should bring it to a technician as soon as possible, along with broken or removed parts.It the damage remains for some time, repair becomes more difficult because the wood, as a natural material is affected by humidity and temperature and gradually changes form.

– If you have electric or electro-acoustic guitar the the sound effect plays a very important role in the final sound and you should choose a good and appropriate guitar amp for your desired sound.

– If you have classical or acoustic guitar and want to connect it to an amplifier you can convert it to electro-acoustic or electro-classic adding a transducer.Conversions are made in a workshop where technicians will help you in choosing a similar transducer that matches the type of music you are playing and your body.

– If you have electric or bass guitar and want to upgrade their sound, a change of magnets, a set-up and a total service will make your body unrecognizable.