Can you spare enough time to learn Guitar?

Learn online:

With your busy schedule, if you have to regularly attend the guitar classes that would be a near impossible task. Particularly, if you are a beginner, then the instructor would say you need personal attention and he would ask you to be regular for the classes. If you are not, he would ask you to pay for the entire session, whether you have attended the classes or not. Interestingly, there are some online institutions which provide free guitar lessons for beginners. The idea seems wonderful; but the question is how effective are these classes? As a matter of fact, online classes are designed by professional guitarists. Every lesson is meticulously planned keeping the needs of the beginners like you in mind. In fact, the lesson starts with instructions like detailed introduction to the guitar, names of different parts of the Guitar, names of strings,  how to hold the guitar, movement of fingers, the art of strumming, chord and in fact every bit of playing this wonderful musical instrument is taught in detail.

free guitar lessons for beginnersThe advantage of learning online:

These lessons have been put in a DVD and it is available for a modest price. You can learn to play the instrument at your convenience. You can repeat the lessons any number of times; till you get mastery over it. It would be a wonderful experience to learn guitar with the help of this DVD. It is cost effective and you need not spend time going to the instructor; instead just play the DVD and start your lessons; all on your own. In fact, if you are able to learn every lesson contained in this DVD, you can certainly get complete mastery over the instrument.  As one of the students says, the lessons are certainly useful and designed to make you learn the instrument.


Yet another student says, the free guitar lessons for beginners are designed in such a way within a short span of time you will be able to learn the art and also gain mastery over it. The advantage of online classes is once you gain mastery over a particular lesson immediately you can move to the next lesson. On the contrary, if you feel you need some more time to learn a particular lesson, you can keep practicing till you learn it. But, there is one disadvantage in online lessons. For example, even after repeated attempts if you fail to understand a particular lesson, there would be no one who can guide you.