fingerstyleFree Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Here is a free acoustic guitar lesson provided to help you quickly improve your guitar playing skills.

This guitar learning technique aims to teach you how to fingerpick folk-style, in the key of A, in a Latin rhythm. The Latin rhythm has 8 quick beats to the measure, and is accented on the 1st, the 4th, and the 7th beats.



This acoustic guitar lesson will focus on usage of your right hand, and the accented beats will be played by your thumb. Your fingers will follow along. Finger number 1, the index, is to pluck the 3rd string on beats 2, 5, and 8, and fingers 2 and 3 will pluck the 2nd and 1st strings together on beats 3 and 6.


In this acoustic guitar lesson, you will chord an A for the first sample. In order to keep it simple, let’s take the beats one at a time…


Free Acoustic Guitar Lesson – 7 Steps to Chord an A:


1) The thumb plucks the open A string to play a bass note.


2) Next, finger 1 plucks the 3rd string, which is sounding like an A.


3) Afterwards, fingers 2 and 3 pluck strings 2 and 1 together. These 2 notes will be a C-sharp and the open top E string.


4) Now the thumb immediately plucks string 4, which is an E and works as an alternative bass string. That’s beat number 4.


5) Now beat 5 is just like beat 2, with finger 1 plucking string 3.


6) Beat 6 is just like beat 3, with fingers 2 and 3 plucking the top 2 strings.


7) On beat number 7, use the thumb to pluck the 3rd string, then finish up with fingers 2 and 3 plucking the top 2 strings again.


When you’ve practiced this acoustic guitar lesson a few times, it will become like a second nature to you to pluck and master this Latin rhythm.


The next part of this acoustic guitar lesson is to try and perform the same finger picking pattern, this time using an E chord. Since the open 6th string is your main bass note, you’ll pluck it on beat number 1. Follow through with the rest of the measure in the same pattern, except your thumb plucks the 5th string on beat 4 and the 4th string on beat 7. When you’ve mastered the E chord the acoustic guitar lesson moves on to the D chord. With D, you can just use the 4th string for your thumb-plucked bass note each time.


Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tip:


Here’s an acoustic guitar lesson secret in order to make the above finger-picking style of guitar playing a bit more skillful. Chord an A.  Here’s how to do it.


When you pluck the 4th beat of the measure lift your chording finger – it is your ring finger on your left hand. Lift it up and then press it down when plucking. You will get a little slur at the start of the note. This should sound great when you build speed up. Try the same trick when playing the key of E too. It will be finger 2 that you will be lifting.


Finally in this free acoustic guitar lesson , put everything together in a chord sequence. Play A for 2 measures, then D for 2 measures. Play E for 2 measures, then back to D for 2 measures, then A to finish up.