Guitar lessons- Be your own tutor

Choosing videos over tutors:

Now this might be a tricky part. But think about it. Let us say that the institution where you want to learn to play a guitar is quite far away from home. Now you will have to take care of travel expenditure too in addition to the fee amount and the cost involved in getting a guitar.

This is where a tutor steps in. He might be a lot less expensive than traditional classes held in huge institutions. However, you might get to spend only an hour or two for practice when the tutor comes to your house every week. Besides, some tutors might also be costly. Most of them come only once in a week. Which means you will have to practice the same thing you learnt in the previous class over the rest of the week. Though this might be an advantage for some who want to take their own time in learning the art, for others who are pretty well prepared, this might not fit the bill.

guitar lesson videosYou can now learn to play the guitar on your own, from your own house. There are videos that teach you how to play a guitar, which is available online as well as in music stores. Though the internet is a good choice for learning to play a guitar online, it is always wise to go for a DVD from the music store because some lessons that are available in DVDs will not be available in the internet.

Besides, the DVDs might come as a package in the correct series, which is a definite jackpot for learners. The tutorials in the DVDs are easily understandable and can be used even without the internet connection whereas the videos available in the internet may not be as legible as the ones in the DVDs.

Types of music:

You need not worry that the style or genre of music your willing to learn might not be available. Take a good look at the racks in the music store to find out what types of genres are available. Besides, you will be surprised by the number of options that you get to see in the store.

While picking out a DVD for guitar lesson videos make sure that you choose the one according to your aims. For example, if you are just looking for a pass time hobby that satisfies your thirst for music stick with the DVDs that promise to teach you the basics. Make sure that you master the basics before you get to the next level.

If you are wishing to learn guitar for a more professional purpose, you should stick with DVDs that are designed for expertise. But do remember that each DVD and the tutorials are different from one another. Hence pick the DVDs from under the same label.