How to choose the right bass guitar. provides you a full analysis to help you choose the right bass guitar for your needs. Let’s start taking a look to the history of the bass guitar.

The man who invented bass guitar is Paul Turmac back in 1930. Over the years bass guitar made its way through several companies like Fender and later Gibson, and it went under many design changes in order to make it a good fit for musicians to play while performing. A variety of musical styles became popular each decade but the main purpose of the bass guitar organ remained the same.

Bass guitar earned popularity fast and began replacing the double bass during the ’60 . The primary purpose of bass guitar is to lay down a foundation for the beat. Bass guitar can used solo or paired with other instruments during a performance.

Bass guitar is very popular as a basic instrument in bands and it is sold worldwide through many different manufacturers. A common place where consumers find a wide variety of bass guitars is through online music stores like Thomman, or online auctions like Ebay. Buyers before buying should think about all the different types of bass guitar such as electric, acoustic, fretted, non fretted and the different bass scales.


Choosing the Right Type of Bass Guitar

There are four types of bass guitar that are most popular.

  • Acoustic
  • Semi acoustic
  • Acoustic-Electric
  • Electric Bass Guitar

These are the most common types but there are also others. The body is different on each type of these bass guiters, which makes it easier for the musician playing the instrument. Knowing which type of bass guitar feels comfortable when playing may be the deciding factor when someone chooses which type of bass guitar he/she should buy. In order to have a lower bass sound the body has to be larger in order to get low notes out.

Also, the electric and the acoustic-electrics bass guitars can be connected to an amplifier unit for more optimized sound. Especially during live performance, amplifier is resonating sound to the audience which make it a great addition.

How Many Strings to Choose for the Bass Guitar?

At start, bass guitars were made with four strings. When the years passed and music industry changed, strings on bass guitar changed too. Nowadays it is not unusual to see a bass guitar with six strings. The type of  music someone wants to perform should be a guide to decide how many strings on the bass guitar someone should purchase. For current and heavier types of music, the musician may want to consider a higher string bass guitar in order to have a bigger variety of notes to play.

However, beginners should consider buying a four string bass guitar for a couple of reasons. The lower number of strings a bass guitar has the easier it makes it to learn and perform. Furthermore, if bass guitar has  four strings it requires less movement of  hands and fingers when playing. Usually players are satisfied playing a four string bass guitar without ever trying to touch a higher string guitar.

The Scale Length of the Bass Guitar

Scale length on the bass guitar is something that refers to string vibration. Scale length is made up from the distance from the nut to the bridge. Choosing a desired scale length is determined by the pitch you want to hit. In order to hit a higher pitch, a shorter bass guitar is used having a smaller scale length. On the other hand, a lower pitch is resonated by a longer bass guitar. The average length of an electric bass could be  around 34 inches.  Many vary  from less than 30 inch scale lengths to more than 35 inch scale lengths. The size of the performer’s hand could  also help determine what size of scale length someone should purchase. A smaller handed person should buy a bass guitar with smaller scale length.

Fretted or Fretless Bass Guitar?

The frets on a bass guitar are used to separate the notes so the player can easier reach them. Beginners should start using a fretted bass  until they feel more comfortable and manage to hear each note precisely. This is something that can be learned over time and practice but moving onto a fretless bass can cause a great frustration as some notes are missed. When a player is experienced enough and can easily play the sound of each note, he  can move on to a fretless bass guitar  in order to have more control over the notes he wants to play.

For  experienced musicians, the type of the desired musical result can help someone determine whether or not to buy a fretted or fretless bass guitar.  Some styles are not easily played using a fretless bass. Slap and tap playing methods are harder to perform. It is not impossible but it is quite more difficult to play chords using a fretless bass guitar. By practise and learning how to tune every note, a musician can make the transition from the fretted to the fretless bass guitar. Each one has a different sound, so when someone knows what tone he wants to hit it can help determine which is the right choice between them.

Bass Sounds

The type of bass that a player buys can greatly affect the sound that this bass guitar makes. There are three different types of bass guitar distinctive sounds.


The precision bass guitar was created by Fender. This type of bass guitar has many advantages over the string guitar, including recording, amplification and transporting. The design is different, having a split pickup and different type of body. Many  bass guitar players perform playing the precision bass guitar.


Using the modeling bass guitar, players can perform playing one bass guitar and it will sound like they are playing a lot of types of bass guitars. Music technology has made the modeling bass guitar a new instrument to the music industry. The modeling bass guitar allows players to customize their bass guitar in order to fit several need. It is always envolving and the modeling bass guitar continues to undergo more transformations in order to create a big variety of tones for musicians.


The jazz bass guitar has a unique sound and it has a double single coil pickup. The neck and the design are different on jazz guitar than the precision guitar. Even nowadays, jazz bass guitar is still popular among musicians.

Used and Blem Bass Guitars

The main reason someone should look to buy a used or blem bass guitar is purely to save some money on the purchase of the instrument. Purchasing a used bass guitar can provide the same tones as a brand new bass guitar without having to spend the same amount of money. It is important to know upfrong if there is any damage or other issue with the bass guitar before you purchase it.

A blem bass guitar is not used, but it has a cosmetic imperfection. This imperfection does not have any affect on the tone of the guitar. Beginner who do not want to spend a lot in order to purchase a bass guitar for practice should look into these options in order to be ready to own a bass guitar and start having bass guitar lessons.


Where to Find a Bass Guitar

Musicians or beginners who have decided which type of bass guitar they want can find these types at local music stores and electronics stores. Because there are a lot of options when it comes to bass guitars as explained above in the article, local stores could be limited in what they have on stock and maybe cannot provide all  the choices that buyers are looking for. Musicians may also check the message boards postings at music stores in order to find a variety of music equipment, but typically when someone is dealing with another person and not a store, it can be a hit and miss. Because of this many prefer to turn at online stores such as Ebay.