How to practice Flamenco guitar lessons?

Flamenco guitar lessons embrace young people from Spanish and non-Spanish origins. Many famous guitar players are giving amazing Flamenco guitar performances on live or through internet channels, such as YouTube. Here we discuss about the popular guitar techniques that can help you take Flamenco guitar lessons.

Tapping on guitar

This is one of the most distinctive and used techniques, also known as Golpe. This is performed under the sound hole. Flamenco guitars are crafted with a tapping plate so as to decrease damage to the device from continuous hitting of the body. The technique is used along with downward strokes of thumb and constant up and down strokes of index finger. This musical form is called Bulerias. Flamenco guitarists show rapid picking, which is called as Picado and is also employed in classical guitar in another degree. This is a rest stroke performed by striking a string using first or second finger that comes to rest on the rear string. When you perform a rest stroke on the second string, the finger will come into close with the third string by striking the note. Picado performs Flamenco scale passages through alternative strokes of the first and second fingers.

Flamenco guitar lessonsRapid Arpeggios

This technique is performed by striking the first, second and third fingers in contact with first, second and third strings like plucking a chord. Elevate your hand a bit and play the strings in rapid succession, rather plucking all three strings. Guitarists who practiced this technique can perform his thumb and fingers in fast motion for very fast arpeggio passages. This is similar to sweep picking method in rock guitar. Your thumb is used exclusively in down strokes. In this method, your thumb plays the sixth string and contacts with fifth string before beginning next stroke. You may find it strange if you are not aware of using the fingers and thumb ‘rest’ between strokes. This is a very effective method to making your thumb playing fast picado.


This technique is used for generating a long line melody notes along with thumb playing bass notes. Adopted from classical guitar, this technique differs in a way that Flamenco tremolo is performed with 4 notes between each bass note while classical guitarists play 3 melody notes between bass notes.

You may find these techniques hard to understand by words. They are easier to recognize if you use written descriptions along with watching online videos of Flamenco guitar lessons. You need to do some hard work to practice these techniques and playing these lessons from a Flamenco guitarist is strongly recommended. There are many free, constantly updated blogs online containing all the resources you need for learning Flamenco guitar lessons. Find out a reliable and trustworthy source online and learn guitar lessons as much earlier as you can.

This is a very good example of a lesson regarding flamenco tapping technique.