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Each online guitar lesson focuses upon a unique concept of playing the instrument to perfection. Permanent effects will be realized as you get to go through any lesson any number of times as per your…

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Numerous ways to enroll: These days, parents wish to enroll their kids in guitar classes at a very young age. They might want to do it so that their child can learn to master the…

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Introduction to Bass Guitar

An overview of the key components that together make up the bass guitar. An introduction to the Bass Guitar, how to Tune and some useful tips to achieve a good technique playing the bass guitar….

Intermediate arpeggios guitar lesson

Intermediate Guitar Arpeggios by Matthias Young. This intermediate guitar lesson will teach you how to properly play a long arpeggio sequence. You will manage to learn a variety of three string arpeggios that cover the…

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This Guitar Lesson for Beginners covers 8 basic guitar chords that every guitarist must know. Through this Guitar Lesson you will learn how to play the following chords: G major, C major, D major, F…

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Basic Guitar Chords Here’s a list of guitar chords to have some reference. You can bookmark this page and come back later for reference. On this list of guitar chords there are the basic guitar chords,…